Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SXSW Interactive last day

Here is a few things a learned at SXSW Interactive and wanted to share it with you:

1. 80 % of all Doctors will be replaced by algortithms.
2.  Stem cell technology can be used to test drugs and to treat disease
3. We need new technologies eg. nanotechnology to solve human and global problems for creating a starship since it will require colonies of people to live together just as if we were on Earth. Those who want to create a starship, you first must solve our problems here on Earth.
4. There is a problem with releasing genomes on the Internet. Medical Doctors think that it is wrong to release genetic data on the Internet. Giving the data of the genotyped patient 
5. Some cool technologies:
    - using lasers for glucose sensing
     -Using bomb detection methods for foodborne pathogen sensing
     - DNA Analytics for early pathogen detection

Stem cells: cells that mature into the different types cells in our body. In the future we could used stem cell technology to grow stem cells into heart cells or liver cells and test drugs for certain people. We can also use this technology to replace damaged cells or tissues.

Nanotechnology: the use of nano science in different technologies like using nano technologies for biosensors and reducing the size of computers.
Genotype: Genotyping is looking for variants that can cause allergies, diseases, and drug response. In this way we don't have to sequence "junk DNA" that is not required for genetic disease or other variants.

SXSW Interactive had ended today. It was a fun experience and I am excited for next year!

To the Stars!

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