Monday, June 10, 2013

My birthday surprise!

Well, what was my surprise? A trip to Pixar! A friend of ours works at Pixar and was willing to give us a tour.

We got to see the process in action and a Monster's University exhibit. When making the movies, they start out with making clay models off characters. They design the characters. Then they make a storyline by creating comics. Along with that story line, producers, directors, etc. can use a software (I think it is called RenderMan which is a commercial product developed by them) to creating animations. Our tour host happens to be one of the many developers of the software. Finally they add effects like sunlight.

At the tour we saw some of the clay models. We saw some of the storyboards. We saw the drawings and how they add effects. We also saw how the characters are animated. It was a pretty neat experience.

After the tour we celebrated and ate the cake. I had really fun during my tenth birthday.

See you later!

My birthday is today!

I'm back again on my blog! I have been so busy because of college finals and family. Now I have summer vacation! Yay! Today is my birthday. I am turning ten! Double digits now! My birthday is on June 10th and I am turning ten. This is called my golden birthday. Golden birthdays are when somebody's new age is the same as his birthday's date. Like when somebody turns 28 on October 28 or when somebody turns 5 on January 5.

Anyway.. My parents are giving a surprise for me today.. Excited to know what it is!!

That's all for now!