About Me

Hi, I am Tanishq, I am a kid who likes playing and piano and singing and my favorite, science. I am also a tech person. I like the arduino. I also program in the language of Python and am learning Visual C#. I know a bit of C thanks to my arduino experience.
Here are my experiences:

1. Going to see the last space shuttle luanch

2. Going on a whale tour

3. Splash(an high school Stanford event)

Here are the college classes I have taken:

1 Introduction to geology

2. Introduction to Astronomy

3. Introduction to Biotechnology

4. Physical Geology

5. Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology

6. Introduction to Nutrition

7. History of Western Civilizations

8. US History

9. Been on FOX40

10. I was a panelist on SXSW's first  all-child panel, "Generation Change: A Lesson from Junior Innovators"

11. Been on the Doctors and the Queen Latifah Show

12. Been on CNN

I have been on TV. Pls view PRODIGIES  by  THNKR TV on Youtube ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSYCwxt78jY