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Monday, April 2, 2012



Here is some news:

1. I did my first exam

2. I am now the vice president of an astronomy club!

3. I did the vocabulary bee, science bee, and spelling bee. In the vocabulary bee, there's two phases-- phase one and phase two-- which is in all the bees except science bee which is just a test with 25 questions. In phase 1, it is written, the test is multiple choice. Phase 2 is oral. There is 8 rounds; they first tell you the word and project the multiple choice answers.
The spelling bee is probably the most lenient spelling bee in the world! In the first phase, The pronounce the word, say orgin, part of speech, and definition. Then you spell it. They have 25 words to spell. In phase 2 nobody's out! Even if you get every question wrong in the first phase. In this phase, there's 6 rounds. if you get the spelling wrong once, you're still in! Anyway, I got 3rd place in the science bee!

4. Today I am going to a Kings Basketball game..Hope they win!!

Ok, bye!

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