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Thursday, February 9, 2012

(for Arduino Beginners)Arduino problem with DC motor in sparkfun inventor's kit


I noticed that somehow Sparkfun inventor's kit gives two types of transistors. I noticed this when i was doing a project with DC motors and Arduino. It wants us to use P2N2222AG (actually marked P2N222A18 in my kit) and one of them was marked saying that, the other says nonsense! The one marked is the one you should use, not the one with the nonsense, or then perhaps you might spend 1-3 hours just why it isn't working! When it works, it is hard to see but gives a buzzing sound. IF it still dosen't work, go here:

Hope u have fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Paul. I just heard about arduino and wondered if you could tell me where you bought yours.

Dr.T said...

I don't know.. Well a good site is sparkfun. They have arduinos and much more!