Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Curiosity Landing @ Ames

Even though this happened long time ago, I would like to talk about my experience:

My family and I went to NASA Ames... I was a VIP and got to go to the VIP room. There was snacks there. Anyway... I went to see some exibhits, one of them had a shuttle landing simulation. I almost landed perfectly! There was a tlak by Chris McKay.. I liked the part where he tlaked that there are two types of protein, left-handed( like everything on Earth) and right-handed. Left-handed prpteins only "stack" with left-handed proteins and so forth. If we find right-handed proteins on Mars that would be amazing... There was other talks. For example, In NASA Ames' Wind Tunnel, the parachute that helped land MSL was tested.

On that day, we could see the International Space Station(ISS) and Mars in the sky. It was a great day!  

Now, The Mars Curiosity rover survived the "brain surgery" and since the rover landed in a alluvial fan, -- which are created when water deposits sediment-- Curiosity is going to look for more clues for water :

"A vast alluvial fan blossoms across the desolate landscape between the Kunlunand Altun mountain ranges that form the southern border of the Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang. The left side is the active part of the fan, and appears blue from water flowing in the many small streams" - Wikipedia

Also, please  support this Lego Curiosity rover:



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CBS 13 news

Hi, Here is the clip of the CBS news. We were in the studio for about 3 hours. Did a recording for a morning talk show "Good Day Sacramento" , we both got to sing "Happy Birthday" for our dad on live TV !It was a surprise for him ! Didn't get the video of that :-( . Later they shot the segment for the news, our reporter Cody Stark loves to joke, we had fun with him. -- Tanishq