Sunday, July 29, 2012

My family and I on CBS 13

Today is my dad's birthday but I'll tell about it later. My sister and I was on Good Day Sacramento at 11:23 am. My family and I will be on TV again on CBS 13 at 5 pm and 11 pm.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh my!

Oh my, what 2 weeks it's been...... overwhelming, fun , excitement for our family after the release of the THNKR show "PRODIGIES"....their Youtube gone 24 hrs about 50,000 the midst of calls & emails from reporters and producers, we balance our lives and keep up with the hectic schedule of both kids... there's always something new happening in our as a mom to child prodigies is different....their energy, their passion, their intensities, their aspirations, their quirks can just wear you down at times and wish you could escape to a tranquil world but all that feelings melt away seeing their eyes twinkle and their joys when they achieve their dreams !

Yesterday, one of our friends said "You must be a proud & happy mom seeing Tanishq interviewed on CNN at 9 yrs old" response ..."yes, but ..." and the reply " this is the result of your hard work and sacrifices for the last 9 years of parenting "

Yesterday night....was a melt down ... our little Einstein didn't want to sleep ...he hates it so much... that we had to sit up till 1am trying to convince the importance of sleep ...which just went to deaf ears....finally drifted off to sleep on my lap....melts your heart to see that innocent face at rest....

Being parents to 2 such child geniuses have humbled us as adults........
Dr. T (mom to wonderful 2 kids)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tanishq is Back!

 I am back from hibernation!  I just finished an exam yesterday! Did good... am taking a nutrition online college class. I have learned about food safety. ..would love to share what I learned in my Nutrition course.. Today is my CNN show at 4:45 PM ET! I was on FOX40, News10, ABC and now CNN! Pls also see my other articles. Just search "Tanishq Abraham". It's been a fun but I am still the same Tanishq who loves to learn, play and have fun !
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